EURO CUP | The Selection cries out against the whistles to Morata

It was the 11th minute of the game when Dubravka stopped a penalty against Álvaro Morata. The forward, who threw it somewhat centered and at half height, lowered his head, but quickly raised it aware of what the National Team is at stake. However, the La Cartuja public did not forgive the Juventus player, which was already somewhat discussed after his mistakes against Poland and Sweden.

La Cartuja began to whistle en masse at the battering ram of Spain, to the disbelief of some members of the National Team. Luis Enrique, as soon as they started booing Morata, opened his arms demanding that the fans change those whistles for applause. He was not the only one. Also other members of the staff and field players like Sarabia or Koke.

The public responded, although not in the expected way. Some turned those whistles into applause. Others, on the contrary, ignored the coach’s request and continued their complaint against the national striker. Of course, it was on time. A couple of minutes after the error they continued with the usual chants to try to lead Spain towards the round of 16 of the competition.

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