EURO CUP (E) SLOVAKIA 0 – SPAIN 5 | 1×1 from Spain: MVP Busquets, Matador Sarabia and Morata need to improve

This was the performance of the national team players against Sweden:

Unai Simon: Not qualifying for lack of work in the first half. And in the second half he did not participate much either, except for two safe approaches from the Slovaks.

Photo of Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta: A guarantee. He put his trade at the service of the team. He got up little, but with judgment on the attack.

Photo by Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia: He was noticed lacking in rhythm. He grew in the game and was very attentive to cut off the threats of Slovak counterattacks.

Photo of Laporte

Laporte: In some actions it seems that it is left over and gives the impression of being overweight, but it is its constitution. Good and placed header to make it 2-0 at the edge of the break. He went from less to more and gained confidence.

Photo of Alba

Sunrise: The Slovaks were looking to throw long to their position so that they lost the duel with the difference in height with their pair. He made up for the lack of inches with trade. In attack he always provides solutions.

Photo of Busquets

Busquets: In addition to being in charge of playing the aerial duels of Slovakia’s long shots, he sought to give balance to the team and rhythm to the game and in many phases he succeeded. He was not noticed coming out of COVID. He left his place to Thiago in the 70th minute. Chosen MVP of the match.

Photo of Koke

Koke: He put the packaging and the force to the center of the field. Pundonor, courage and heart not without quality. The coach did not replace him this time and got an 8.

Photo of Pedri

Pedri: He tries to participate in the making of the game, but in many sets it is pointless. Luis Enrique has given him the entire three games showing that he is untouchable for him. Physically it is difficult for him to prevail in duels.

Photo of Sarabia

Sarabia: He always stubbornly and was willful without much success until his shot from outside the area in the 29th minute that crashed into the crossbar, went up to the sky, and when he went down the Slovak goalkeeper put it inside. It was 1-0 and it started to grow. In the second half he scored another goal and gave another target to Ferran. Great game.

Photo of Morata

Morata: Without luck or aim, he missed the penalty that the VAR warned about Koke in the 10th minute. He kept working, but it does not seem that he has found the scoring streak. He left his place to Ferran in the 65th minute.

Photo by Gerard Moreno

Gerard Moreno: Playing 11 or 7, glued to the wing, it’s a waste. Gerard must play closer to the area. From his struggle came the good center to Laporte in the second goal. He was replaced in the 76th minute by Oyarzabal.


Photo by Ferrán Torres

Ferran: He entered for Álvaro Morata in the 65th minute and as soon as he left he scored a high heel goal from Sarabia. It came out very electric and vertical and created danger.

Photo by Thiago

Thiago: He entered for Sergio Busquets in the 70th minute to play pivot and gave speed and meaning to the game. He refreshed the team and continued the good work of the captain.

Photo by Pau Torres

Pau Torres: It came out for Eric in the 70th minute. And the first ball he touched was 5-0 because the Slovakian Kucka hit it home.

Photo of Oyarzabal

Oyarzabal: He replaced Gerard in the 76th minute. He tried to contribute more goals and was associated well. He is a footballer who guarantees a good game.

Photo by Adama Traoré

Adama Traoré: People asked him from the stands and he entered in the 76th minute for Azpilicueta. He made several of his explosive starts and a good cross. It must be the trigger for Spain to break games.


Luis Enrique: He made four changes from the team he lined up against Poland and they turned out well. This time the changes did improve the team. He was surprised that he did not put Marcos Llorente for a minute, he probably dosed him for the second round. His 1-4-3-3 system did not change an apex.

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