Euro 2021: The epic reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother to one of his goals

The Portugal National Team managed to qualify for the Eighth Final of the UEFA European Cup of Nations in a heartfelt match against the Selection of France, managing to tie the match with a double of his star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who incidentally tied the record as the highest scorer in the history of a national team, reaching 109 goals and leading the table of gunners in this edition of the Euro.

Cristiano scored his two goals from the penalty route, leading Portugal to fight once again to win the European Cup of Nations and blowing up an entire country that is excited about the ‘two-time championship’.

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Among the millions of celebrations, the epic reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest fan, his mother, Mrs. María Dolores Aveiro, went viral on social networks, who watched the game broadcast from her home, leaving a scene that made the hair stand on end to more than one follower of the Lusitanian star.

Cristiano’s mother is the biggest fan of the Juventus forward, whom he raised in a sea of ​​difficulties in the port of Madeira, as Dolores had a childhood and youth full of complications, as she had to raise her four children on her own due to the drinking problems that Cristiano’s father had.

On more than one occasion, Dolores has confessed that she thought about interrupting the pregnancy of Cristiano, the fourth child she had procreated, because they were living a stormy present and with serious financial difficulties, assuring that discarding that idea had been the best decision she has made in his life.

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