Euro 2021 – The card cycle is reduced to two yellow cards

06/09/2021 at 10:22 AM CEST

The Eurocup, like the rest of the tournaments of both clubs and national teams, It has a disciplinary regulation which includes the cycle of cards that sets when, added a number of warnings, the player misses the next match.

A cycle of cards that UEFA and the Eurocup have set two warnings. In the Champions League or the Europa League it is three cards. In our league competition it is five cautions for three in the Copa del Rey.

This cycle should be explained because, of course, two yellow cards in the same game imply a red card and the consequent expulsion. In this case it refers to when a player accumulates two yellow cards in different matches. In this case, and according to the regulations of the EURO itself, it refers to the three games of the group stage, round of 16 and quarter-finals.

If during all these matches a player accumulates two cards, the next match will be lost. The same in subsequent cycles: if you add four cards (second cycle of two), six (third cycle of two) …

Regulations that disappear in the semifinals

This criterion is maintained until the semifinals, where all the players will start from scratch.. This ensures that all players who reach the semifinals will be able to play the final or they will not be deprived of not contesting it for a cycle of cards. There are only two situations where a player can miss the Euro Cup final: in case of seeing double yellow or red card in the dispute of the semifinal, which carries a penalty match.

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