Euro 2021: Luis Enrique surrenders to Unai Simón’s performance in Spain vs Switzerland

The Spanish National Team has become the second semifinalist in the Euro 2021, by winning a 3-1 penalty shootout against the Switzerland selection, after drawing 1-1 in the 120 regulation minutes, in the Quarterfinal round.

In a press videoconference at the end of the game, coach Luis Enrique praised the performance of goalkeeper Unai Simón, after the terrible episode he experienced in the previous round against the Croatia national team.

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“Unai is a specialist, he was very calm. I told him to do what he felt. He has the merit and the ability. I had absolute tranquility, the National Team today has been outstanding,” he said.

In addition, the Spanish strategist affirmed that one always has the mentality of being able to reach a final of Euro 2021, regardless of the rival in turn in the semifinal round of the European tournament.

“It would be ridiculous to think that the four semifinalists do not clearly think about reaching the final. That is the goal. I lived the penalty shootout very calmly because it no longer depended on me. We had confidence in Unai and everyone,” he said.

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