Euro 2020 – Olmo: “To threaten Morata is to go overboard”


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Jordi Gil – Madrid (Special Envoy)

Dani Olmo, Spanish international, defended Álvaro Morata, who reported having had a very bad time due to his mistakes in front of goal with the Spanish team in Euro 2021. Olmo stressed that “we do not agree with threats, going further is going overboard. You have to put yourself in the player’s shoes, you have to know how to respect. Being criticized is part of our profession and we accept it. Another thing is to passand”.

Olmo played five years for Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia and knows the country’s football very well. “The Croats have proven to be very competitive in all sports. Except for a country not as big as Spain, France, Germany, they compete more, they are very of their own, they value their achievements a lot. They are pure heart and very intenseThey give everything for their country. “

The former Blaugrana was tempted by the Croatian national team to nationalize in 2018 but the footballer had no doubts: “There was interest but I always made my position clear. I am grateful and have a special affection for Croatia, although I always said that my dream was to be here with the national team “.

Regarding Monday’s rival in Copenhagen, Olmo commented that “Croatia stands out for the whole team, they have very good players like the ones you all know like Modric or Kovavic, but there are others, perhaps I would highlight Petkovic, who you don’t know that much, he is a forward from Dinamo Zagreb, stout, that in the big parties it grows. You have to be careful with him. “

“Modric is the heart of Croatia”

The forward considers that the tie is “at 50 percent” and he believes that, unlike Sweden or Poland, “” I don’t think they shut themselves back, they just surprise us. “As for Modric, Olmo pointed out that “we all know the player he is, he is very important in his club and in the national team.. It is the heart of Croatia in the center of the field, it takes the baton of the game and what happens “

Dani Olmo has lived great personal moments in Croatia and he especially remembered the celebration for the runner-up in the world in 2018. “It was like winning the title, I was able to experience it in the preseason in Zagreb. It was incredible, I felt part of it because of the special affection I feel for Croatia.”

The Leipzig footballer admitted that he had “the bug” to face Croatia, but that I would have preferred to be first in the group because “now we have had a stronger rival.”

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