Euro 2020: Gareth Bale disappointed after Denmark’s 4-0 win against Wales | National teams

The captain of the Wales team, Gareth Bale, pointed out, after the defeat suffered by Denmark by 0-4 that removes them from the European Championship, that the elimination in the round of 16 is “disappointing” and regretted the performance of the referee in the second goal conceded, in which he considers that there was a previous foul.

“It’s disappointing. The guys are frustrated, they’re angry. It’s understandable,” the Wales captain, who did not appear at the team’s press conference, told the BBC after the match, which was attended only by the coach, Rob Page.

The Real Madrid forward, on loan to Tottenham last season, said Wales started well, but a mistake in the first goal and the second goal early in the second half knocked them out. “We started the first 25 minutes very well, we conceded a goal and the game changed a bit. We started the second half trying to play and unfortunately we made a mistake, we conceded a goal and that killed the momentum for us,” he said.

Like his coach, the Wales captain protested the second goal on the field and as he left the pitch he said he understood that the referee should have called a foul on Kieffer Moore early in the play.

“I imagine the referee was swayed by the fans here, but it is what it is. There is no point making excuses now. It is disappointing, is all I can say,” said Bale leaving the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, where the fans Danes were a clear majority.

The 31-year-old Real Madrid player left disappointed and without answering when the journalist asked him if tonight’s was his last game with the Welsh national team.

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