Euro 2020: Álvaro Morata talks about threats and criticism of Spain | EuroCup 2021

Álvaro Morata does not have a good time in the Eurocup despite being a starter and qualifying with Spain for the next round.

The Juventus forward has a fixed position in Luis Enrique’s eleven, but his contribution in offensive matters has been little. He barely registers a goal.

Criticisms of Morata have been constant; in fact, the same fans of the red flag whistle him in the stadiums every time he touches the ball. A pressure that not everyone can bear.

In the midst of the tense situation, the striker spoke with Cadena COPE and referred to his present in the Euro, ensuring that he tries to cope with the criticism, he even denounced having received threats.

I did not sleep for 9 hours after the game against Poland. I have received threats, insults to my family, I hope my children die … But I’m fine, maybe a few years ago I would have been screwed I’ve spent a few weeks isolated from everything, “he said.

And he added: “People whistle at me because it’s what they hear, but I give it my all. I give my life for the national team. If we had won 3-0 against Sweden or Poland, the stadium would have done ‘the wave’. Everything I say or don’t say is interpreted … I wish people would put themselves in my shoes more “,

Finally, Morata referred to the penalty that he failed against Slovakia and stated that he feels ‘pride’ of having charged the foul they did against him. Likewise, the forward confirmed that the ambition to be Euro champions is more alive than ever, so they hope to go to the round showing their full potential.

“I am very proud to take a penalty after they called me. Casillas, Raúl and Reina and many more have told me not to give importance to criticism … I do not think we are one step below Germany, France or Portugal . Nor do we have to think that we are better than anyone. I sign not to play anymore, or score, and be European champions. “, He concluded.

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