Eugenio Derbez would knock down Mauricio Ochmann’s career | Instagram

Apparently after the separation they have starred in Aislin Derbez Y Mauricio OchmannThe latter’s career could be affected without the support of Eugenio Derbez, who is rumored to have not taken the news of the separation of his daughter and son-in-law very well.

The above, according to what a YouTube channel pointed out, who ensures that the actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez It would become a great obstacle to the career of his son-in-law, Mauricio after he no longer wanted to have anything to do with the actor’s eldest daughter.

And is that as I once said Aislin DerbezWhat they expressed through the networks did not always coincide with reality and apparently today it is becoming evident.

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After some scenes of the reality were revealed “Traveling with the Derbez“which showed the other side of the actor’s family, the audiences were able to realize that not everything was honey on flakes in addition to showing some problems that since then could be glimpsed in the couple, Aislinn Y Mauricio.

Even in one of them, the couple who argue in one of the recordings, reflects the somewhat distant relationship between Mauricio and the family of his wife whom he referred to never detach from them, so he preferred to always be alone with Kailani, the daughter of both.

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So now, the official separation that both announced, was the gout who poured the glass for the Mexican actor and producer who apparently shares the same sentiment as Mauricio Ochamann and he does not intend to help him further to continue his successful career, which he had forged so far with the actor’s support, they point out.

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And it seems that they point out, it was after his relationship with Aislinn Derbez what Mauricio Ochmann It began to be more recognized and obtained performances in important series in Mexico and the United States, obtaining greater renown in the entertainment world.

According to the YouTube channel Chacaleo, the protagonist of “Refunds are not accepted” was an important catapult for Ochmann it was made of several protagonists in series and movies.

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Recently, they also confirmed that the couple would give the final goodbye after the news spread that the process of selling their home in Los Angeles, California has already taken place.