Actor, comedian and producer Eugenio Derbez has not stopped working during the confinement and has just released “Deshecho en casa”, a program recorded by himself in which he shows the most comical part of his quarantine, in which he has also been very active in social networks.

“From home you can do many things, I used social networks to help, although later they wanted to use it to politicize the matter and attack me,” Derbez said in an interview by video call with Efe from his residence in Los Angeles, where he has created his own quarantine reality show.

The actor referred to the controversy that he starred in a few weeks ago when, after asking for protection material and equipment for some medical centers in Mexico saturated by the coronavirus crisis, several users indicated political intentions in their comments, something that he denied.

“At what point to say ‘hey, you need masks at such a hospital, please help,’ becomes an attack,” Derbez questioned.

Although he prefers to use social platforms to “have fun” and make others have a good time, the comedian considered that the discussion that the petition generated is “a reflection of how society is and how disunited we are.”

On the other hand, during the confinement, Derbez had the idea of ​​producing a television program that would show the funniest part of this stage.

“I started documenting what was happening. I had funny videos with my daughter, my dog. And we thought that instead of uploading it to social networks, where it is lost, it was better to collect it and make a television program,” he explained.

The result is a “reality show” in which Derbez tries to create an entertainment program with nothing more than the help of his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo, their five-year-old daughter and their dog, in which there are monologues, games and anecdotes.

It generated all kinds of reactions on the networks. Here the images.

In addition, the rest of the family also participate in video calls that bring together all the Derbez and in which sometimes a famous friend sneaks in, which gives rise to everyday situations and conversations.

“It is documenting the day-to-day of what happens in quarantine with the simple intention of entertaining people and keeping them company,” he said.

The weekly episodes can be followed on the “streaming” platform Pantaya, where “Traveling with the Derbez” is also available, a format starring the family that was successful last year.

After a year of various works in which, in addition to recording the travel program, Derbez starred alongside Eva Longoria in “Dora and the Lost City of Gold”, the actor has taken advantage of this break to “correct the course” of his personal life .

“It is a way for life to tell you to stay home, still, and realize what you have done, to see what is going well, what is going wrong and correct it,” he said.

They are expected to narrate their version of the conflict that led to the departure of both of the British royal family.

“What this quarantine is doing to us,” he reflected. “It is realizing the family we have formed, that perhaps we have not paid attention to the children.”

As the father of a young girl, Derbez, like many others, has felt the responsibility of playing with her, something that is shown on the show.

“At home he has no friends to play with, so he grabs us, if it’s not his mom, it’s me,” he said.

And although, like every parent, he has a good time with her, sometimes he has to ask for “five minutes to work.” “Or to live,” he joked.