The protagonist of “No Returns Accepted” read the chilling letter from a doctor in Tijuana

Frazer Harrison / .

The mexican actor Eugenio Derbez He posted a video on his social networks where he can be seen worried about the extreme situation that is being lived in Tijuana, Mexico, regarding the pandemic that the world is going through with the COVID-19.

The actor is rarely seen seriously, but in recent weeks he has conveyed his concern about the current situation. However, today he literally gave a cry for help as he read the letter from the Doctor Faustino Ruvalcalba, who works as a doctor in a hospital of Tijuana.

In it, he describes the shortage of medical supplies in hospitals in that area. It also says that one floor of the Social Security Clinic 20 It was intended for those infected with coronavirus, but the capacity has already reached its maximum and they are collapsed. The doctor also added that the hospital managers themselves left and “They abandoned the ship prematurely”.

However, the doctors who are still battling the front of the health center have had to take out of their own salary to buy materials and be able to work.

Eugenio Derbez asked to help the community of Tijuana collaborating with what they need and emphasized that the Dr. Ruvalcalba “He doesn’t want money … he wants help”. He also detailed the items that are urgently required: half-face respirators, N95 mouth covers, coveralls, disposable gowns and boots, googles, and face masks. The actor also added that it is “Unacceptable this situation and that nothing has been done in time to prevent this”.

Here below we leave the video that he made public Eugenio Derbez on their social networks.

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