The European Union (EU) expressed on Friday its « firm » opposition to the resumption of executions in the United States at the federal level, called on Washington to reconsider this decision and called for abolishing the death penalty worldwide.

« The EU strongly opposes the decision of the United States Department of Justice to resume the federal death penalty, after a 17-year interruption, » said European diplomacy spokesman Peter Stano in a statement.

The community spokesman urged Washington « to reconsider and not proceed with the federal executions that will take place from July 13, » assuring that it goes against the « general tendency » to « abolish the death penalty. »

« The EU strongly opposes the death penalty at all times and in all circumstances », as « it is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment », « it does not provide an effective deterrent to criminal conduct » and « it is irreversible », added.

The US government of Donald Trump decided almost a year ago to resume the practice of federal executions, the last of which dates back to 2003.

In the United States, most crimes are tried at the state level, but the federal courts can judge the most serious acts or those against military bases, between various states or in Indian reservations.

In the past 45 years, only three people have been executed at the federal level. The US government has already scheduled the execution of four convicts, as of July 13.

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