EU allocates 130 million dollars to support employment; resources for three years


US Vice President Kamala Harris said her country’s government committed $ 130 million over the next three years to complete labor reform and improve working conditions for workers in industries involved in US supply chains. two countries.

“This assistance is aimed at helping to implement labor reform, to strengthen labor standards, protect workers, promote acceptable working conditions and in terms of work that calls for many of you to address the risks of child labor,” a subject that, recognized, worries to the United States and to her in particular.

At the last-minute meeting, outside the scheduled agenda, he held with six representatives of the labor sector in Mexico, he called on them to redouble their efforts to achieve a favorable environment for workers in terms of collective bargaining.

“If we all agree that any negotiation aims to have a fair result, that is, to achieve impartiality, we have to agree that the way to achieve a fair result in any negotiation is for people to be on an equal footing and then the result of this negotiation will be fair because when the negotiation is based on equity, justice is achieved, but requiring a worker to negotiate against the employer in general is to guarantee that the result will not necessarily be fair, “he said.

Oscar Castillo, director of the Campos de Esperanza program, explained the phenomenon of child labor in Mexico. It reported that according to statistics 3,200,000 minors are in a condition of child labor, which represents 11% of children between 5 and 17 years of age. He recognized that with the pandemic the risk of child labor has been exacerbated and what must now be ensured is that children return to the classroom.

Jorge Sales Boyoli, specialist in labor law and partner for Mexico of the Littler firm, which is the largest in the world in labor matters and who was present at the meeting with Kamala HBarris, said that, indeed, the pace of application again The labor model is advancing very slowly, which can be seen in the fact that only 1% of collective bargaining contracts have been legitimized.

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