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Issues such as the high threshold for people to engage in mining, difficulties in communicating with custodians of mining machines, and day-to-day operation and maintenance of mining machines have put off many beginning investors. Mining costs and the level of difficulty for ordinary participants have risen significantly, and the era of exponential growth in the mining industry is gone forever.

In recent years, many cloud computing platforms have emerged. Users no longer need to buy mining machines. They can enjoy the income from mining simply by purchasing hashrate contracts. However, due to insufficient disclosure of information by platforms about mines, mining machines, equipment, etc., it is difficult for users to judge the quality of the hashrate, the status of the real-time operation and the revenue data. real, which is exposed to great risks.

To solve the problems mentioned above, EHash dares to be the first. The team integrates industrial resources and adopts intelligent operation and tripartite supervision model, to effectively solve the challenges faced by individual miners, such as information asymmetry, mining machine channel monopoly and industry disorder. . EHash issues hashrate tokens and establishes a standardized system for hashrate tokens.

Starting from the high-level design, EHash is different from other hashrate tokens on the market.

EHash is Ethereum’s native standard hashrate token, and it is also the first DeFi project to reform Ethereum’s hashrate.

As the foundation of the blockchain, the mining industry has created a new operating approach, profit mechanism and wealth creation model through the standard Ethereum EHash hashrate token in 2021.

The moment EHash was released on Gateio, it became a phenomenal DeFi project. The superior market premium it demonstrated revealed the wide recognition of its leading model by the entire industry and investors.

EHash is a token that anchors the hashrate of the Ethereum PoW. Each EHash corresponds to 0.01 MHash / s of Ethereum PoWhashrate.

All token data, such as total volume, holding distribution, daily income, is transparent and available on the Ethereum network. The actual hashrate that supports the value of EHash is also transparent and available from mining pools, such as F2Pool, one of the largest Ethereum mining pools in the world.

EHash mining revenue is automatically transferred to the user’s address every day through the smart contract. EHash holders don’t need to buy mining machines like traditional Ethereum miners.

The above design is the underlying software for EHash’s “high market premium + double income” mechanism, the perpetual motion machine model.

Staking EHash is equivalent to mining with an Ethereum mining machine. Thus, holders will earn double the income – the net profit from mining Ethereum and the liquidity premium from EHash itself.

As for the expected premium for the EHash, on the one hand, token holders can exchange tokens at any time and enjoy Gateio’s high liquidity, and the resulting liquidity premium can be very high; on the other hand, as EHash is backed by the actual value of Ethereum, it will increase according to the value of Ethereum. In this sense, its premium capacity is evident.

Execution through smart contract and distribution of benefits through decentralized financial method.

The key reason that makes EHash far outperform traditional cloud mining and other so-called “hashrate tokens” is its innovative attempt at “DeFi speculative mining.”

EHash holders can go to the DeFi lending platform to mortgage EHash and earn loan income, while at the same time they can borrow other stablecoins at low interest rates and then exchange them for EHash. At this time, users’ income from owning EHash is EHash APR × Leverage Rate + Mortgage EHash APR. In other words, they increase your income. We are looking to launch EHash on the main DeFi lending platform, and good news is expected soon.

At the same time, in order to create enough liquidity for the circulation of EHash, we will also start the extraction of liquidity from EHash for other tokens.

Therefore, EHash can prevent the occurrence of accidental losses, such as the common risks of non-cancellable orders and black box operations in cloud mining, to the greatest extent possible while generating constant income.

EHash’s long-term vision is not just to provide a convenient way for ordinary users to get the Ethereum hashrate and to bridge the gap between the token circle and the mining circle. More importantly, their goal is to create a liquid asset for EHash holders to benefit from the entire DeFi boom.

The hashrate token can lower the threshold for users to engage in mining and enjoy the income from mining without having to build their own mines. Compared with ordinary mining, mining machines have problems such as high price, short life expectancy, and maintenance difficulties. The hashrate token, on the other hand, can guarantee stable income all the time, once and for all. If the price of the token is expected to increase, the price of the hashrate will increase and the token of the hashrate will also have a premium. Users can profit from the liquidity of the hashratetoken. The hashrate token maps valuable assets and stable future income, you will get better liquidity after opening the transaction. The hashrate token and physical mining machine are tethered 1: 1, all hashrates are tokenized, and the real-time hashrate data from the third-party mining pool can be verified at any time. Transparent user monitoring mechanism ensures investment safety and reliability and fundamentally eliminates fake mining and fake hashrate.

With the aim of creating a transparent mining environment where everyone can participate, monitor and benefit, to enrich the ecology of the mining industry and help the healthy development of the blockchain industry, EHash will always be committed to promoting the integration of the real economy and the blockchain technology. and implement the integrated application of blockchain technology in industrial reforms.

There is another piece of good news that EHash is about to launch on the MXC digital currency exchange platform. Speaking of the MXC exchange, I think everyone is familiar with it. The core concept of the MXC exchange is: developing potential tokens and enabling traders and investors to share the wealth brought by blockchain technology and obtain richer, safer and more reliable transaction services. MXC is also a secure, highly efficient and community-based digital asset exchange platform that has emerged on top of the wave. It will perfectly integrate the advantages of centralized and decentralized transactions, with strong liquidity, high security, credibility and transparency. It gives considerations to fairness, transparency and efficient development, and has created hot projects one after one.

In this round of DeFiboom, the MXC exchange is likely to find the most potential projects in the current trading market.

The launch of EHash in Max confirms that EHash’s core technology is cutting edge and its consensus is strong.

In the future, it is very likely that EHash will become the main gateway for people to enter the world of blockchain mining, which would have great importance and value for the industry.

In any case, no one can stop the wheel of the blockchain from moving forward. The future of blockchain will be more and more prosperous and flourishing. With EHash’s current innovative mining model, it is sure to lead the blockchain mining trend.

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