Ethan Hawke cast as villain in Disney + ‘Moon Knight’

The adaptation of ‘Moon Knight’ that Marvel Studios prepares for Disney + has found its villain. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Ethan hawke, which we recently got to see in Showtime’s ‘The Woodpecker’, has joined the cast of the comic book adaptation, which will mark the actor’s debut in the world of superheroes.

Ethan Hawke will be the villain of ‘Moon Knight’

It is not clear what role Hawke will play, however it is commented that she could be Moon Knight’s oldest nemesis, Raoul bushman, a mercenary who worked with the protagonist in Sudan, and who even became his right hand, but that he ended up turning against him to steal the Egyptian gold that Dr. Peter Alruane discovered.

Oscar Isaac He will headline the cast of ‘Moon Knight’ and don the suit of Marc Spector, aka the Moon Knight. The character, who is often defined as a kind of Batman with multiple personality disorder, is a millionaire who uses part of his wealth to equip himself with the best gadgets to fight crime.

A multifaceted character

Since its debut in 1975, Moon Knight has had various incarnationsfrom ex-boxer to ex-marine turned mercenary with multiple alter egos to be a conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, offering you a second chance at life in exchange for becoming your avatar on earth. As a result, Spector is resurrected with superhuman abilities.

An interesting aspect of the modern comic era is that lhe multiple identities serve their authors to address dissociative identity disorder. And it is that, for example, to distance himself from his past as a mercenary, Spector creates the identity of the millionaire Steven Grant, while the identity of the taxi driver Jacke lockley It helps him stay in touch with the streets and the criminals who roam around it at ease.