Eternals: Salma Hayek says everyone saw her as the “sexy Mexican” until Marvel made her a superhero – Tomatazos

Marvel is about to introduce an entirely new generation of superheroes into its cinematic universe. The expectations for the following characters are very high, with great stories and adventures to live. In this context, Salma Hayek stands out as one of the new actresses in the franchise; the interpreter of Mexican origin will soon join the ranks of Eternals, one of the next MCU tapes. But not everything was accurate and good for her. In a new interview for Variety she confesses that at the beginning of her career no one took her seriously and that they only saw her as a “sexy Mexican.”

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Salma Hayek, born in the state of Veracruz, began her career in Mexico with several films and soap operas. It becomes known in Hollywood thanks to the 1995 film Desperate, by Robert Rodriguez; but he gained world fame in 1996 when he played Satanic Pandemonium in From Twilight to Dawn – 63% by Quentin Tarantino, it was at that moment when his career began a gradual advance towards the clouds. However, he was not always trusted by the studios. Here are his words about what Hollywood did not allow him to achieve at the time:

They didn’t even give me the auditions. We tried really hard. I said I knew how to do drama, but what about romantic comedies and action comedies? For them, it was like, ‘Oh no, she’s like a sexy Mexican.’

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But things are quite different now. With much more than fifty films in his career and a fortune of approximately US $ 200 million, we can be sure that Salma Hayek she worked very hard and performed as an actress. But the journey is not over. This 2021 he will play Ajak, leader of the Eternals on Earth, superhumans endowed with enhanced strength, speed and endurance. At the time, the actress could not believe her signing at Marvel Studios, thinking that her age would not allow her to become a superhero. This also stated for Variety:

It never crossed my mind to be in a Marvel movie. I guess I thought the ship had sailed and it was an absolute shock. [Para] Being an action hero, being Mexican, a woman and my age, I felt like they were attacking me. When people see me, and not just girls, minorities or even short people, anyone, I want them to think that even if things don’t seem like they can happen, anything can happen. But I don’t want it to be based on the fact that you have to suffer a lot and then it will eventually happen. I want it to be based on why not?

Eternals promises to be an excellent superhero movie, perfect for introducing a new type of character far more powerful than the average Avengers. This makes us think that bigger threats are coming to Earth and that the strongest will have to unite to face the danger. We hope that Kevin Feige will be able to pose a new conflict as ambitious as the one observed in recent years. Salma Hayek joins the MCU as a powerful and long-lived heroine, someone with the wisdom to make important decisions.

Will the films of the new phase be able to make sense of a story as successful as the one presented in the first ones? It is probable. Several important faces of the brand have gone forever, so Marvel Studios needs to put all their effort into the realization of an epic new adventure. The possibilities are in your favor, we just hope that you do not follow exactly the same conventions and stay without betting on other alternatives.

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