Eternals is still in editing and more on its director’s approach

The cast of Eternals (2020) at D23 2019

Fans are still impatient for official updates on the film “Eternals” / “Eternals”, as Marvel / Disney maintain absolute silence while they continue to leak material through merchandising. Without a doubt, it is one of the most risky projects of Marvel Studios to adapt to this group of cosmic beings and bring them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The director Chloé zhao is a key piece in all this, as it is said that his proposal will be especially innovative, linking with previous projects he has carried out, including his recent “Nomadland”. Quenching this wait, we receive new statements from those involved in the project. Some comments without great revelations that I sawCome to tell more about Zhao’s way of working.

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In a Los Angeles Times article dedicated to the director, the Marvel producer Nate moore, involved in some of the MCU products since 2014, has described Zhao’s way of working, commenting on how he approaches his films with great emphasis:

He is a curious person about the world and about cinema, and that is why his films work. It does not come with a series of assumptions … try to investigate [el tema].

It’s weird to say that she wanted to investigate these cosmic gods who came to Earth in the ‘Eternals’, but she did. She is curious and questions everything.

The article also comments that Zhao was locked up in an Airbnb Burbank home for over a month, working seven days a week on “Eternals.” Obviously he could have stayed in another type of accommodation, but the article contains a quote from Zhao commenting on how a more modest place served as a contrast to the work he was doing.

When you’re making a movie and everything seems so big and expensive, it’s so nice to come home to a cave at night.

To all this, in a different interview, Dylan tichenor, who is the editor of the film, reveals that despite all this time that there has been work on the film, it is noted that during the pandemic there have also been work stoppages, and reveals that they are still in the assembly phase. He also had a few words to director Chloe Zhao about the editing process, describing her approach to work as the one that gives the “best result” as she tries to balance between what she wants and the editing team work after the film.

I’m [trabajando] right now [con] Chloe [Zhao]. Chloe edits her movies and has strong opinions. But she also wants to know everything I’m thinking, and frankly, we did the entire first cut without much input from her in terms of takes or this or that. And she just saw it. And the things you want to adjust, we adjust. But overall, she has trusted our experience and our point of view. That’s why they hire us, you know, for our creativity and our expertise. And the sense of humor. But I think that gives the best result.

After the latest moves, the film now has a theatrical release date set for the next November 5, 2021.

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