Eternals: Could Chloé Zhao’s Movie Fail At The Box Office?

The film industry has been severely affected by the recent global pandemic. Although there seems to be a clear light at the end of the tunnel, in many ways the world of cinema will never be the same again. Many titles lost their release dates, others were left in an indefinite state and still others managed to find a good salvation in the different streaming services. The problem is that this is not necessarily positive. The decision not to release in theaters means a millionaire loss for some productions that simply cannot afford to lose the benefits of theaters, while for other independent or not so commercial titles it means a gain in popularity.

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This happens because there is a very clear industry for films of certain genres and sub-genres. The clearest is that of superheroes, which has been developed with precision in recent years, where it does not necessarily matter if the product is good or not because loyal fans will be in the front row and could even pay more than once to enjoy of your beloved characters on the big screen. This means that a title of this caliber is dependent on the world halls. Current events demonstrated the fragility of this system and how important it is to find other ways to reach the public.

The UCM it is one of the most affected. While they were able to keep the attention of their followers thanks to series like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, it is definitely rare not to see one of their products in theaters after their calendar was very exact for a decade. Black Widow had to change the date and little by little they went through their other premieres, and until their beginnings of production. The film that could really be affected by this is Eternals, which although it is now labeled as being directed by a woman who just won an Oscar, also has many elements against it that could imply a failure at the global box office, according to with a Comic Book article.

The truth is that Scarlett Johansson like Black widow is already a fundamental part of UCM, so, with everything and several changes in its premiere, it ensures the fidelity of several, but Eternals it does not have that popularity. For starters, those who only follow the movies have no idea who they are, but the brand hasn’t done a great job of publicizing them either. While other titles have trailers, videos of the shoot and a lot of publicity, Eternals It has remained on the sidelines, and although it is due for release later this year we do not have a trailer yet. Another aspect to take into account is that Marvel took too long to test the possibility of making dual premieres (cinemas and Disney +), so the results are unpredictable.

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Although many cinemas are already opening their doors, people are not necessarily coming, since there is still a large population to be vaccinated and attending a movie is considered a luxury and not a necessity for which health should be risked. Worse still, mentally speaking, many have become accustomed to the comfort of their home and have little interest in going to a closed place full of people eating, making noise, kicking the seat, etc.

On the other hand there is the director Chloé Zhao herself. It is true that he just raised his name thanks to his various awards for the film Nomadland – 100%, but Zhao is not well received in her native China, which is a very advantageous country for Marvel. Although the name of the director in the West serves to give prestige to Eternals, in the East it could imply that it is not released or it does so in a limited and even censored way. In times of crisis like these, Marvel cannot afford to lose the Chinese public.

About Zhao you also have to consider that he does not have a large list of jobs. Its most recent fame is due to a film that divided specialized critics and that many assure was only popularized to that extent to give a space to a foreign woman in these times of political correctness. The truth is that most of the public does not know Zhao’s vision, even others say that he still does not have it because his career is not very extensive. Ideally, the first official trailer for Eternals serve to clear up some doubts and excite the public enough not to become the first major monetary failure of Marvel.

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