Ester Expósito takes a walk during the quarantine in “fachas” mode | Instagram Special

In these last days, around the world some people have gradually returned to the new normal after quarantine. And the actress Esther Expósito It was no exception, because in recent days he has returned to some work activities.

With her long blonde hair, a T-Extra large shirt, black pants and large white sneakers, walks relaxed with her friend down the street, without having a single drop of makeup and still looking splendidly beautiful.

This time, the actress surprises on social networks when leaving in an Instagram story of one of her friends; Kill Calvin, while they walk in the streets of Madrid at night with half-covered mouths and Esther Expósito with a more than comfortable outfit and without makeup.

Ester Expósito reveals more surprises on social networks

In case it wasn’t Ester Expósito’s only surprise for his followers, the actress publishes a video made by one of her followers with a compilation of the best scenes of his character Carla in the Netflix original series: Elite, with a moving message for the character that made him famous.

“Until always C. THANK YOU for joining us on this journey and for all the time and talent you dedicate to doing wonders like this.” Wrote Esther Expósito from his Instagram account.

And in this way, Ester Expósito wakes up from her character and confirming the news already made by Netflix that both his character and Danna Paola and Mina El Hammani will no longer return for the next season of production, saying goodbye to their characters who have been so loved by the audience.

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