EsSalud Moquegua launches call for 86 places Noticias Peru

The EsSalud Moquegua Assistance Network requires 86 health specialists to care for COVID-19 patients in this region.

Recently, EsSalud launched the process for hiring this staff for the hospitals of Moquegua and Ilo.

According to the notice of call for administrative contracting of services (CAS), specialists in various positions are needed.

For example, in the Moquegua hospital they request: five intensivist physicians, nine physicians, 13 nurses, a pharmaceutical chemist, three medical technologists (two for radiology and one for physical therapy and rehabilitation), a healthcare typist, a non-technical technician. graduate and five nursing technicians.

Meanwhile, for him Ilo hospital require: five intensivist doctors, nine doctors, five nurses, a biologist, a nutritionist, a pharmaceutical chemist, six medical technologists (three for clinical laboratories, two for radiology and one for physical therapy and rehabilitation), three healthcare typists, two non-technical technicians. graduates and 15 nursing technicians.

The remunerations monthly for these positions they range between S / 3,500 and S / 10,000.