‘Espejo Público’ issues Angela Dobrowolski’s call to emergencies: “I was dizzy”

The Mainat Case continues to give a lot to talk about on television sets. In this case, It has been ‘Public mirror’ who has exclusively agreed to the call made by Angela Dobrowolski to the Catalan emergency service after, allegedly, having injected doses of insulin higher than recommended to kill her then husband. During the recording, you can hear how you communicate to the toilet that Josep Maria Mainat « was dizzy« .

Angela Dobrowolski, ex-wife of Mainat

During the call, a very nervous Dobrowolski can be sensed and scared while telling the toilet what is happening. This recording reveals, according to his version, that both were sleeping and woke up because he began to « snore very loudly » and It was precisely a snoring that caused his concern. However, Susanna Griso has pointed out that Mainat confirmed that they had not shared the same bed for months, so there is something that « does not match. »

« He felt bad, but he fell asleep normally. Then he woke up and, as he was dizzy, I took the sugar, » says Dobrowolski. Then, the health worker asks him over the phone if he has been tested again because, in the words of the woman « it looked like he had a hiccup« Taking the call as a reference, ‘Public Mirror’ calculates that the real time at which he takes his sugar for the second time, and at the request of the doctor, is 3:17, so there would be « a 26-minute deviation in the police report ». Taking into account the time at which the previous test was performed, the program states that « he realized that it was serious and it took three minutes to call 911« .

The police have arrested Angela four times

The last arrest occurred between January 4 and 5 when Dobrowolski tried to enter Mainat’s house by climbing down a gutter. Looking back, the first cause pending is that alleged assassination attempt on the creator of ‘Operación Triunfo’, the second for forging bank stubs in the name of her ex-husband, while the third is a accusation of robbery in one of the producer’s houses.