Espanyol falls to UD Las Palmas in their first friendly

The Espanyol has lost this Wednesday to UD Las Palmas in the first friendly of the parrots in the preseason prior to the return to the First Division. A goal from Mujica ten minutes from the end certified the triumph of the canaries in a duel where the blue and white were very obtuse in attack, although they hardly suffered behind. Typical preseason friendly, with a lot to polish and roll In a perica squad where up to three of the 9 youngsters from the subsidiary who are with the ‘greats’ in Marbella had minutes.

Seen the game of both, the draw would have been the fairest result and Wu Lei had it eight from the end, but the Chinese striker still does not explode with Espanyol, without exhibiting the gunpowder that he does walk with his team.

The discharge of Vicente Moreno, who has not traveled to Marbella As he was recovering from the Covid, he marked the prolegomena of Espanyol’s first friendly this summer.

Without reinforcements, as Espanyol is the only First Division team that has not tied any signings Until now, in the eleven that UD Las Palmas jumped, many of the ‘sacred cows’ of last season appeared as Cabrera, Embarba, Melendo, Melamed and De Tomás.

The first part faithfully complied with the script of the typical preseason friendly with errors on both sides, discontinuous rhythm and very few scoring chances in both areas. Espanyol had the possession and took the initiative but put in little trouble
real to the goal of the Canarian team.

The little danger parakeet arrived on the right wing, with good centers of Víctor Gómez (claiming to stay) and the always stinging appearances of Embarba. In 13 ‘the first clear of the Catalans arrived. Fran Mérida kicked a foul and Calero, half rebound, almost introduced the ball into the net. Just ten minutes later, the first Canary warning on Lemos’ boots.

De Tomás looked for a goal from bells from midfield, emulating his genius last year against Almería, but he was not so accurate. Y Dídac signed another clear chance at 25 ‘, a header that narrowly missed.

In the second part, perico technician Dani Pendín moved almost all the pieces and ended up changing all the players, except Cabrera, the only one who played the 90 minutes.

UD Las Palmas came out more intense and gave a couple of scares at the restart. Espanyol began to sing, but as in the first part, despite commanding, he had very little clairvoyance in the last meters. Sure in the rear, but without ‘punch’ above the Catalan eleven. Pedrosa (69 ‘) and Wu Lei had the goal, but they lacked success in the small area.

The duel was animated in the last ten minutes. UD Las Palmas had done little, but the only clear chance it had, it culminated. In 81 ‘, Mujica signed the 1-0 with a good shot from the edge, after good control, that surprised Diego López. And a minute later a great pass from Darder, Wu Lei had the tie, but the Canarian meta stole his wallet in the melee. It was not the day of the Chinese or Espanyol in attack.

Much to improve still, logical at this point and with weeks to finish polishing mechanisms and picking up pace before the league debut in Pamplona.

Data sheet

0 – Espanyol: Oier; Víctor Gómez, Calero, Cabrera, Dídac Vilà; Pol Lozano, Fran Mérida; Embarba, Melendo, Melamed; and Raúl de Tomás. They also played: Diego López, Wu Lei, Lluís López, Darder, Miguelón, Pedrosa, Vadillo, Touaiti, Vargas and Alejandro Pérez.

1 – Las Palmas: Valleys; Lemos, Ferigra, Curbelo, Raúl Navas, Cardona; Fabio, Sergio Ruiz, Moleiro; García and Peñaranda. They also played: Raúl Fernández, Ale Díez, Alex Suárez, Isaac, Maikel Mesa, Kirian, Unai Veiga, Diego Guti, Aridai, Mujica, Pejiño and Mendes.

Goal: 0-1, M. 79: Mujica.

Incidents: Pre-season friendly match played behind closed doors at the Marbella Football Center.

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