The coronavirus, in addition to the health crisis it is causing, is already leaving its first effects on the economy of soccer clubs. One of the cases is that of Espanyol, which has offered its players a monthly salary reduction of 70%.

The parakeet club footballers know that they will have to make some sacrifice in the face of the coming economic crisis. They already know the intention of the club to reduce monthly 70% of their salaries while this pandemic lasts, but they have not yet accepted the offer of Espanyol until speaking with the Association of Spanish Footballers.

Revenue is decreasing considerably and Espanyol is in a year in which more salary expenses are being made to get out of relegation positions. Television rights, advertising or the box office are the points of loss of income for which they fear in the blue and white club.

Given this measure, Espanyol has also offered that when the competition resumes they will try to return that money to the soccer players in the event that income returns to normal. In addition to reducing the salary of footballers, Cornellá offices also They think about performing an ERTE on club employees who may not be carrying out their work.