Esmeralda Falcón on her ticket to Tokyo 2020: “I believed it, I longed for it, I achieved it and I have to fight for a medal”

In interview for As Mexico, Esmeralda told us how they gave her the news, “I felt a lot of emotion, a lot of joy, but there was this feeling that I still couldn’t believe it. When I saw the news on social networks I could not contain myself and I cried because it is having been able to make a dream come true. Contreras spoke to me, He told me that he already had the first confirmed place and it had been mine ”.

The “Pantera” won the bronze medal at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and gold at the Barranquilla 2018 Central American and Caribbean Sports Games, she knows that this triumph is for her but especially for women’s boxing “The beginning of a transition, if with the Centers medal I felt that we opened doors and that we broke boundaries in our discipline, to achieve a qualification for the Olympic Games is to shout and say that we have the same capacity to box as men, that we have the right to have equal opportunities, that we are capable of doing what our minds think ”.

Falcón recalled the first time he visited the facilities of the Mexican Olympic Committee and saw the Olympic wall “I told my coach, what do I have to do? so that my name is here. Well, you have to go to an Olympiad. How do I do that?. Well, you have to do a process, I told him, I’m going to do it and my name is going to be here ”.

The path of the Central American champion has not been easy, She started boxing late at the age of 18 and nobody wanted to train her because she was a woman, until he found Raúl Martínez in the Xochimilco Mayor’s Office.

Esmeralda was studying Actuaría and due to the intense work she changed to Physical Education but did not leave of studying.

Some of the boxing figures he admires are: Mariana “Barby” Juárez, Laila Ali, Jackie Nava, Ana María Torres, Óscar Valdez and Martín Escamilla, the latter taught him to respect boxing.

The next competitor in Tokyo 2020 says something to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez “That I am going to give myself in the same way that they have. Something that I admire Canelo a lot is that he is a disciplined person, he is a boxer that every fight teaches us that he is going

forging itself and acquiring new resources. What I like is that he has broken the stereotype of the boxer. To the boxer everyone He has it in the concept that he does not study, that he lives off boxing, that he depends on it. As boxers, of course, we can study, we have the ability, we cannot just dedicate ourselves to throwing punches ”.

Esmeralda Falcón will seek to prove herself in Tokyo 2020 that being a woman, she does boxing because she can and why she wants to, “You tell me Tokyo and I say, I must fight for the medal”

Finally he told us about his tattoo, a panther, “I got a tattoo because my dad was the one who gave me Esmer“ La Pantera ”Falcón. My dad told me, panthers are smart, quiet, and every time you fight you watch your opponent, you’re crouching trying “

July 27 will be when the fighting begins preliminaries of the 60 kg category in Tokyo 2020.

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