ESG funds sign a good first half: the sustainable trend. By Esther Bourgeois

The AGS funds have had a very good first half of the year, so these national investment funds based on environmental, social and good governance criteria, have increased their assets by 6,305 million euros in the first half of 2021, which it is 17.38% more.

In fact, and according to Vdos with information from which they have echoed from the Europa Press (EP) news agency, the assets of these national version funds AGS would stand at a total of 42,574 million euros.

“In this way, the equity of these vehicles would represent 13.7% of the total accumulated by investment funds. Credit cooperative societies are the ones that have registered the greatest increase in equity, with 38.08%, followed by independent groups, with 18.17% ”, EP explains.

The figures also show that, by market share, banking entities maintain their leading position due to accumulating 38,468 million euros and a share of 90.36%, followed by independent groups, with 8.16%.

The entity that accumulates the greatest assets in these investment vehicles is Kutxabank Gestión, since it manages 13,515 million. It is followed by CaixaBank AM, with 11,576 million and Santander AM, with 4,926 million euros.

When to the ranking of the equity increase, Kutxabank Gestión is again the entity that has registered the highest, with 2,149 million. This category is followed by CaixaBank AM and BBVA AM, with € 907 million and € 654 million, respectively.

“The Kutxabank manager stands out for the number of ASG funds, with 23, followed by CaixaBank AM and Abante Asesores Gestión, with 18 and 10, respectively,” they clarify from the news agency.

If we distinguish by type of assets, mixed funds account for 40.08% of equity, with 17,063 million, followed by sector equity funds, which account for 34.18%, and fixed income funds, with 24 , 85%.

“The ASG funds with the greatest increase in equity in the semester with the CaixaBank Master Renta Variable Europa, with 845 million, followed by BBVA Futuro Sostenible ISR, with 435 million, and the Ibercaja Sostenible y Solidario, with 419 million euros”, he emphasizes EP.

Regarding the distribution by type of asset, 54.21% of international funds are sector variable income. They are followed by fixed income with 32.59% and mixed with 7.82%.

Of course, among nationals, 41.67% are mixed, followed by sector variable income and fixed income, with 39.39% and 12.12%, respectively.

Esther bourgeois

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