Escort claims that Christian Chávez infected him with HIV – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

Christian Chávez is in the middle of the controversy after being informed that he faces a new complaint made by an escort, who points out that he has infected him with HIV.

According to Abisay Sosa in an interview for the Ventaneando program, after meeting the former RBD through an application, she decided to go out with him and have a sexual encounter, from which her contagion derived.

What happened to us happened when there was a closer encounter, I did completely agree to do so, but here the fact is not that I agreed or not, but that he was aware that he was already a carrier of a disease and his responsibility was to have told me or simply to protect himself and me, ”Sosa explained in the television broadcast.

Abisay said that he is sure he was infected through Christian because the people with whom he had previously had unprotected sex tested negative for HIV.

“The first two people with whom I had unprotected relationships, I spoke with them, one told me that he was fine, the other person who was doubting, he took the test and it came out negative. The last person I had left was Christian, I tried to talk to him, but I never got a response, “he explained.

Later, Sosa revealed that he was able to confirm his suspicions because Michael Kemper, former partner of the singer and actor, confessed that both are HIV carriers.

“Michael said to me ‘when you and Christian were together did you take care of each other? Because he has HIV, I know it because one day we confessed it to us on a trip we had to Paris, “he said.

On the way he met the artist, Abisay said that he first saw Chávez at an RBD concert in Los Angeles in 2006, but years later they met again through an application.

“He was the one who contacted me, I was on the application. He greets me and we start talking. In the profile that I had, I specified that I was a companion, escort, gave some details of the service that I was offering at that time and that is why he contacted me ”, he commented.

It should be noted that hours before these statements, the interpreter used his social networks to send a message against homophobia and slander.

By: Mexico Agency