“Escalona must go in 30” Galilea Montijo uncovers surgeries

“Escalona must go in 30” Galilea Montijo uncovers surgeries | Instagram

During one of the talks in which Galilea Montijo participated within the program in recent days, the surgeries were the starting point from which the “Today’s driver“he mocked one of his colleagues,” Escalona must go in 30 “he commented.

The “tapatia”, Galilea Montijo, ended up uncovering the supposed aesthetic procedures to which the daughter of the famous director, Magda Rodriguez, Andrea Escalona, ​​has been subjected.

Although she also revealed that she herself outnumbered her: “Not because remember, I’m going in 40 and the Escalona has to go in 30 surgeries,” said Martha Galilea Montijo Torres.

The contributor to various variety and reality shows, “Gali“, he commented in a clip of Las Estrellas about the surgeries with some of the collaborators in Hoy.

It all started when the morning presenters applauded Andrea Escalona placeholder image for being her “godmother” until Raúl “El Negro” Araiza, one of the closest colleagues of the current businesswoman and owner of “Latingal”, mentioned that she had left “very here.”

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Following this, Luz Blanchet gave way to the topic of Sabrina Sabrok’s surgeries: Hey and speaking of Escalona, ​​notice that Sabrina is celebrating 50 years of age, exceeding 50 surgeries.

So the surprised television actress commented and said What does the Escalona have? to question the similarity between the two personalities, then Blanchet made a movement in the chest referring to the bust and said that “it shows the two a little and so on.”

Later, she also made an account of surgeries between her and those of the former contestant of “Bailando con las Estrellas” and the producer’s niece, Andrea Rodríguez Doria.

Not because remember, I go in 40 and the Escalona should go in 30 surgeries, trying to show, laughingly, the supposed modifications that he has in his body, they even mentioned the Dr. Cándido Pérez program.

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In the end, they concluded that the Argentine model, Sabrina Sabrok, would have undergone surgery for every year of her life.

It is worth mentioning that 48-year-old Martha Galilea Montijo Torres has been closer to the family of the great producer since her departure after apparently she settled rough edges with her daughter.

Although the remembered presenter of “Pequeños Gigantes” and “Vida Tv” is one of the most popular and beloved in the broadcast, the truth is that it is also one of the most controversial.

Some of the comments made by the “former Tv girl” have sometimes placed her at the target of criticism by launching some of her opinions on certain issues.

Situation from which Andrea Legarreta, another of the collaborators, has not been exempt, since some of her opinions have not been well received by the public who have even requested on several occasions that the morning must go through a change in its cast of drivers.

There have been several petitions that demand that both Galilea Montijo and Legarreta should end their cycle in the morning and give other celebrities a chance.

As for the rumors that Andrea Escalona awoke with his participation in the contest in which he participated with Pablo Montero, with which apparently a “chemistry” developed that could be appreciated even by the viewers themselves.

The young driver was questioned about the issue with the youtuber, Eden Dorantes and thus clarified the situation:

He is my super buddy, we eat together … We really get along very well, I have close friends here, we are all like family … El Negro, Lambda, Paul …

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Now with Pablo, he has become part of my family, we are going to eat, we spend a lot of time together, in rehearsals … The actress also said, whose dream is to star in a telenovela on Televisa.

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