ESA announced that the Ariel mission to learn about the formation of exoplanets, went into execution mode

The European Space Agency said it will begin manufacturing the spacecraft that will take Ariel out of the atmosphere and be a space observatory.

Space observatories grow as time progresses. Hubble is already close to closing operations and POT he already has his replacement. But there are so many mysteries to observe in the depths of the universe that a single telescope « out there » is not enough. That is why the THAT (European Space Agency), advances in plans Ariel, which will discover the formation of exoplanets.

The Ariel mission came to light about two years ago. At that time the idea of ​​ESA to put an observatory in space was embodied. The purpose was, through atmospheric infrared remote sensing, to know what happens in more than 1,000 exoplanets, simultaneously.

So, a few days ago they confirmed that the mission changed its status. They are in search of an industrial contractor, to build a spaceship. It should take Ariel into space in about nine years, approximately (2029).

The exoplanets Ariel will see

Specifically Ariel will measure the physical and chemical composition of these exoplanets. It will link your data to the relationship you have with your host star. Knowing this information will generate information about the process of formation of these worlds that are outside our solar system.

« The adoption of Ariel consolidates ESA’s commitment to exoplanet research. It will ensure that European astronomers are at the forefront of this revolutionary field for the next decade and well beyond, » said Günther Hasinger, ESA Director of Science .