Errejón’s response to a man who yells at him “Long live Spain!” in full rally

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has attended this Friday a rally of the training in Arganda del Rey to support Mónica García, candidate of Más Madrid to the elections of the Community on May 4, in which he has called to citizen participation to unseat the PP from the regional government.

During your appearance, Errejón was interrupted by a local neighbor at cry of ‘long live Spain!’, before which he has decided to interrupt his speech to respond directly to him assuring that it seems “perfect” but wondering when they will also worry about the Spanish, according to The Huffington Post.

“Let’s see when, in addition to Spain, they also remember the residences where are the greatest Spaniards, of the health centers where we Spaniards need to go, from the employment policies Where do we Spaniards go? housing policies that we Spanish need, “he demanded.

In this sense, the party leader has pointed out that “a country without its people is empty.” “You don’t love your country more than I do”He has told him, and has pointed out that the difference between the two is that “I also care about the people, the Spanish people and the daily problems of the Spanish people.”

“He doesn’t say anything anymore,” says Errejón at the end of the video, which he has published on his social networks and which already accumulates more than 256,000 views on Twitter, and before continuing with his speech during the event.