Errejón gives his opinion on the villa that Iglesias and Montero bought in Galapagar

Íñigo Errejón during the documentary broadcast on Cuatro. (Photo: Four)

The current leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has participated in the first installment of the documentary 15M ¿Generación perdida ?, broadcast this Wednesday on Cuatro.

The former politician from United Podemos has given his opinion, among other things, on the villa of more than 600,000 euros that Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero bought in Galapagar. “Was it a betrayal?” Sonsoles Ónega asked him.

“It was not a betrayal, but I think it was a mistake. I understand it in personal terms because the pressure that Pablo has had in many cases has been very hard, but in political terms it was a mistake that many people did not understand, ”said Errejón.

On whether that was the origin of his disagreements with Iglesias, the leader of Más País has affirmed that no, that by then they already had differences. It has placed the elections of December 2015 as one of the key dates in the origin of its rupture.

“A government could have been formed with the PSOE or a socialist government could have been invested with us as the fundamental piece of the legislature with 71 deputies. That opportunity was missed, in my opinion wrongly, and we went to an electoral repetition that Spain did not want and with many people thinking that if we had not been able to solve it the first time, why were we going to be able to do it in the second one ” .

Errejón has also pointed out that in the following elections they joined the United Left to become United We Can. The result was not good: “We had five million votes, IU had one and instead of having six million votes we had five, that is, we left one million votes.”

“It was a mistake the r …

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