Errejón exceeds 9,000 ‘likes’ with his response to Toni Cantó’s most controversial tweet: “Disgust”

Íñigo Errejón, in a recent interview. (Photo: Getty Images)

The deputy of Más País Íñigo Errejón has achieved great notoriety on Twitter for the response he has given to Toni Cantó’s most controversial tweet, which has made him, in fact, the first trending topic in Spain this Friday.

Cantó has written an expressive “Courage, Israel!” Amid escalating violence between the Israeli Army and Palestinian militias in the Ganza strip. There have been many who have expressed their indignation that the politician has taken the conflict almost as a football game.

Among them, Errejón himself, who has responded harshly: “119 dead and Cantó celebrating as if it were a soccer match. Disgust”. The message from the leader of Más País accumulated in just three hours more than 9,000 ‘likes’ and 1,700 retweets.

Actress Beatriz Rico has also responded very bluntly to Cantó’s tweet: “I think it is the most cruel, despicable and evil tweet that I have ever read, and I have read many savagery.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli Army has attacked in the last hours more than a hundred targets of the Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip, during what has been the most intense night of bombing since the start of the new round of hostilities that has left. a total, according to the last balance of the Gazací Ministry of Health, 119 Palestinians dead.

The gazací health authorities have specified that 27 of the deceased were minors and added that more than 600 people have been injured in this new escalation of violence. Israel, for its part, continues to insist that the majority of victims in Palestinian territory are members of terrorist groups or …

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