Bucharest Romania.- Mandatory quarantines to combat the coronavirus pandemic have devastated many economic sectors around the world, but there are some, such as erotic services via webcam, that have seen their demand double in a few weeks.

According to a market study by SkyPrivate, an online platform that connects adult webcam studios and models with clients, there are between 100,000 and 300,000 models in Romania who offer their services via video chat.

This estimate makes the Balkan country one of the three world powers in the sector, along with the United States and Colombia, adds SlyPrivate in a recent report.


“I think we are seeing a record high for both registered subscribers and models because people are at home and spend more time on the Internet,” says Ionut Militaru, head of the video chat agency Unique Studio in Bucharest.

“User traffic has grown 100%, although revenues do not necessarily reflect this increase,” says Militaru, who started as a video chat model for adults when she was 18 and at 32 is a veteran in the sector.

“Many subscribers are locked up in their homes with their wives and children and cannot connect for as many hours as when they entered the webcams from work or in a hotel room during their professional trips,” he explains.

His wife, Cristina, describes an explosion of consumption in users who do not have this type of obstacle.

It figures in a 50% the increase in income, an upward trend confirmed to Efe by two other video chat studios and other digital platforms that offer the opportunity to advertise to agencies and adult webcam models.

“A subscriber who normally spent three or four hours is now connected up to ten hours, even 14 hours,” says Cristina Militaru, 33, who continues to model her studio.

“Our subscribers are more eager for conversation and more active on the web,” says the owner of this family business, who calls herself Ava Goddess when she performs for the webcam.


All the models contacted by Efe in this report deny the general impression that the adult webcam service is nothing more than a kind of “personalized porn”, and highlight the importance of conversation in this work.

“Here, money is not made with open legs,” says Ava Goddess in a frank and very graphic way.

“A man who comes to meet his natural needs can last five, ten minutes. In that time we earn no more than about ten dollars, and he thinks that a model of the highest cache can take several thousand dollars a day,” explains Ava Goddess .

The money, he continues, is made “in the hours” of conversation that come after the show.

“A video chat model has the role of psychologist, confidant, counselor and of course lover,” says Ava in one of the rooms from which she talks to her clients.

“There are subscribers who fall in love; there have been some who have even introduced me to their children,” says model Renesmezanith, 21.

This young Romanian woman, with her exotic stage name, was about to leave the profession due to a scar left from an operation.

However, the brand on her body has led her to deepen her relationship with a client who underwent the same surgery and with whom she talks for hours about this experience.


Depending on the age and cache of the models, the adult webcam minute pays between $ 2 and $ 10.

“A video chat model who after three months has learned the secrets of the trade can earn a minimum of 2,000 euros a month,” says Cristina Militaru.

“A model with a high general culture level with good English and without inhibitions can reach 5,000 and even 10,000 euros a month.”

“We are actresses and we must offer what men do not have at home. We must offer them a radically different experience than that of a wife with whom they have already entered into a certain routine,” the model rivets.


The suspension of the rights to work and the movement in the fight against the pandemic has left millions without jobs.

In Romania, thousands of women have found a job opportunity on adult webcams.

This is the case of Mirabella, stage name of a 22-year-old Romanian girl who until two months ago worked as a dealer in a Bucharest casino, now forced to close due to the state of emergency that has governed Romania since mid-March.

“When I lost my job, I asked friends about jobs; one of them works as a video chat model and she brought me here,” she tells Efe.

“Here I earn almost three times more than when I was a dealer. It is a job that suits me,” says Mirabella of her new profession.

“It is more mental than physical work, and more difficult than people think,” he adds from his room in Unique Studio.

The hospitality and tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus crisis, and that is where many of the new models come from.

Others, on the other hand, have come to video chat directly from the sex industry, currently impossible to perform without violating the rules of social distancing.

“Since the pandemic came, part of the girls who have come are dancers who worked abroad,” Cristian Neagu, manager of the Privat Studio in Bucharest, tells Efe.

“They have come to this sector because they know how to exploit their sexuality and can make money from it,” he says.

However, she remembers the “psychological” side of working on web cameras and warns that “being a good stripper does not mean that your money is going to rain” on this online service.