Erika Buenfil transforms into Danna Paola and does an incredible imitation on Tik Tok | Reform

The queen of Tik Tok and Mexican actress Érika Buenfil impressed her millions of followers on her Tik Tok account where she performed an impressive imitation by Danna Paola with one of her songs.

Erika broke internet and was filled with thousands of compliments after his funny and incredible imitation of the song « Don’t dance alone« by Danna Paola and Sebastian Yatra.

In this way the actress left surprised to users on social networks after sharing said video generating endless reactions and of course it became a trend.

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Every video that Buenfil shares is viewed by thousands of users on the internet since day by day more people start to follow it.

With respect and affection. An imitation. Nice day « , wrote Érika Buenfil in her account.

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In the video we can see the actress with long hair and with the tone similar to that brought by the singer while she sang the song Don’t dance alone by Sebastián Yatra.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first imitation What he does about a celebrity since a few months ago, Buenfil caused some laughter among his followers when he performed a unique imitation of the singer Anahí.

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So far Danna Paola has not said anything about this funny imitation so far, but many expect her to perform some tik tok answering him to Erika, it would certainly be something truly epic.

As expected, almost immediately the publication along with more than 1 million likes and hundreds of comments, among which they highlighted that he made a duet with Sebastián Yatra.

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In fact, Danna and Sebastian are together right now in Miami, where they are working for the youth awards that will be presented in the coming days.

This was the first time they could see face to face and they have certainly shown that their friendship has grown much stronger now.