Erika Buenfil, the aunt from Mexico insults Sebastián Rulli in Tik Tok | Instagram

Erika BuenfiHe surprised on social networks after he called the actor “jotito” Sebastián Rulli through Tik Tok, the new fashion application.

After the Mexican actress Erika Buenfil It will debut in the popular application, a fact that generated the affection and admiration of the fans who now call it the “Aunt from mexico

Today queen of Tik Tok who remains very active on the platform recently shared a funny video in which her victim was Sebastian Rulli, the actor.

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During the brief minutes of the video, the actors have a small dialogue that begins with the actress.

Why are you looking at me, damn you? “, To which Rulli replies:” Oh no, no, nothing, nothing.

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It is worth mentioning that the Mexican actress has stood out in recent weeks for her fun occurrences in Tik Tok, and did not hesitate to participate now the actor, couple of Angelique Boyer.

Quickly, the new Tik Tok generated several reactions through various likes, adding more than 180 thousand, as well as more than a thousand comments.

Also, the fame of the histrionic on the platform it rises like foam and its funny videos have been added by several fans who already have around 2 million followers.

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And it is that through the application, the actress amuses her fans a lot as well as surprising them by making very controversial videos, one of them was the day she spoke about the coronavirus and toilet paper.

With the voice of Sherk’s Puss in Boots, Buenfil ensures that he must remain calm in the face of the fear spread by the current pandemis of Covid 19.

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After that, the actress She hugs a large package of toilet paper, a product that has caused headaches for many as they assure that in many places it has been scarce due to purchases of panic.