Érika Buenfil causes a stir at Tik Tok due to scene of jealousy of actor | Instagram

The actress Érika Buenfil He went crazy on Instagram networks after he will star in a scene of jealousy to a Televisa actor.

The call « Aunt from mexico« It shook again the popular platform Tik Tok after sharing a video that was highly acclaimed by his fans on the famous social network.

An unexpected scene of jealousy of one of the most recognized actors of the call « Dream Factory« (Televisa) caused the actress’s video to have countless reactions.

Throughout the comic video, the legendary Telenovelas actress, Érika Buenfil claimed the actor Alexis Ayala, one of those with the longest track record within the production company.

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On . of tears, Buenfil claim to Ayala that he has her locked in a cage full of jealousy, to which he responded in the same way, pointing out that he felt the same when someone smiled at her and she corresponded.

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But this was only part of some scenes from the video that the actress starred alongside the actor for Tik TokFor which it is worth mentioning, he amazed the fans of the duet themselves, who they applauded and requested that they perform more together.

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It should be mentioned that the actress He has scored a great success since joining this platform since for each video in which he performs a variety of characterizations, he plays songs accompanied by funny gestures, he has been adding more and more followers to his account.

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Many of them also share them through their channel in Youtube or in your account Instagram.

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Also, there have also been some people who have gone against their hobby in this quarantine, however, the histrionic She has ignored and through the same social network of Tik Tok has responded to those who criticize her, meanwhile, the named « Aunt of Mexico » rises like popularity to the network.