Erik Rubín publishes video to clarify alleged infidelity to Andrea Legarreta

After some images were circulated on social networks in which Erik Rubin He is dancing with a girl and that this sparked rumors of an alleged infidelity, the former Timbiriche clarified that he has no link with the young woman.

“The truth is that I did not plan to give explanations, but they have been looking for me everywhere to give my statement on this matter, that the truth seems to me the most absurd thing in the world“He said in a video that he made public through Instagram.

The singer also commented that he had to clarify the situation because his daughters were being attacked in networks, Mine Y Little girlas well as his wife Andrea Legarreta and to him.

“I was in Cancun last week, not Tulum. I went with my father to close a business there and precisely one of the partners took me to know the restaurants that are fashionable in Cancun, because precisely with one of them we are going to do other things.

“It happens that in all these nights I have taken photos, I have danced and greeted many people. And among all these people that I greeted and with whom I lived, they took a photo in which I appear talking with a girl. This girl also goes out with one of my friends, she even did a boomerang, we were in a public place and I will have been that night at that table for no more than five minutes“, He clarified.

The singer was disappointed because this situation reached social networks in a way that it did not happen.

“(They say) that I, that unfaithful, that what am I doing without Andrea? I tell you that we are a couple, but each of us is individuals, that each one does their things, their dreams, their careers.

“I do not know what relationships they have with their partners or husband in which they are not allowed to go out anywhere or do not let them have friends, that is not our case,” he declared.

Rubín pointed out that his wife trusts him and that there are no such problems.

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