Ericsson Adds 5G Midband Support and Massive MIMO to Cloud RAN | News | Infrastructures

Ericssonhas expanded its Cloud RAN offering (radio access network) to include the support for 5G and Massive MIMO midband deployments. With midband spectrum, communications service providers can capitalize on their 5G spectrum assets to deploy new services quickly and efficiently, while offering a more flexible experience to mobile broadband users.

These latest enhancements have been developed in close collaboration with customers such as Verizon and will allow service providers to adopt without difficulties native cloud technologies and open network architectures and thus meet the demand for greater flexibility in deployment. Service providers will also be able to expand the reach of Ericsson Cloud RAN with the seven million 5G-ready Ericsson Radio System radios around the world.

Since the introduction of Ericsson Cloud RAN at the end of last year, the multinational has the ability to introduce a virtualized RAN solution in all deployment scenarios, including existing footprints, also known as “bluefield deployments”. These deployments allow service providers to deploy these proposals across their networks and capitalize on the full internal workings between both network architectures. Ericsson Cloud Link offers this possibility and enables value-added network technologies such as Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, Uplink Booster and Carrier Aggregation to operate on different platforms.

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Network Business at Ericsson, states that “our goal is to constantly develop the best technologies in close collaboration with our customers. We continue to invest in technology to maintain leadership and deliver a profitable, high-performing product portfolio, as demonstrated by our latest launches. Now we want Cloud RAN to be able to benefit from that high performance as well and for our customers to be able to deploy cloud native networks virtually anywhere, in any cloud and on any server platform.

Ericsson adds 5G midband support and Massive MIMO to Cloud RAN. Performance improvement with Intel

A high-performance 5G midband deployment requires 150 times more computing power than 4G in half the time. With the addition of hardware accelerators that provide some of this necessary computing power, cloud infrastructure becomes a viable option for mid-band deployments. To meet high performance standards in 5G and beyond, Ericsson and Intel are pioneers in the Cloud RAN space.

Ericsson Cloud RAN creates more options for communications service providers and offers a truly cloud agnostic platform, supported by Intel, your long-term strategic partner. The portfolio will leverage Intel computing, with multiple generations of processors Intel Xeon Scalable and accelerator technology, to provide high capacity density solutions. This enables both companies to deliver the kind of performance seen in the world’s most demanding RAN environments.

Navin Shenoy, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Intel’s Data Platforms Group, explains that “Intel technologies, such as Xeon processors, have driven the massive growth of the cloud and are now playing a critical role in driving vRAN. Our long-standing partnership with Ericsson enters an exciting new phase with the shared goal of being able to deliver richer user experiences with 5G. ”

Collaboration with open innovation ecosystems

The emergence of virtualized and distributed computing architectures, along with the unbundling of hardware and software, has reinforced the value of open innovation ecosystems. Ericsson Cloud RAN is designed as an agnostic platform with complementary cloud integration services to facilitate onboarding to the cloud infrastructure of the service provider’s choice.

To deliver on its promise and build on the foundation established with Intel, Ericsson also works with ecosystem partners, including infrastructure providers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). This collaboration brings additional flexibility to Cloud RAN deployments, as the provider’s customers will now also have the option to select HPE workload-optimized edge computing based on HPE ProLiant servers and any cloud platform to deploy. your Cloud RAN networks.

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