Èric Garcia yearns to join FC Barcelona and trusts to be able to play alongside Leo Messi

06/25/2021 at 11:02 PM CEST

Xavi Canals

Èric Garcia He reiterated again in statements to ‘National Radio’ his illusion to share a dressing room with Leo Messi, whose continuity at FC Barcelona has not yet been made official despite the good predisposition of the footballer and his good harmony with the new board chaired by Joan Laporta.

I hope Messi stays at Barça. He is the best player in the world, so if he is in your team, you have an advantage.“, said the new Blaugrana central defender, who did not hide his admiration for the Argentine star:” When I was in Barcelona I saw him at the Camp Nou, these years I have seen him on TV and now I want to share the field with him. “

The Spanish international was also very excited about his return to ‘can Barça’: “I’m going to get to a new club in quotes, new as regards the first team and my goal is going to be to work, try to help the team and when the coach gives me confidence, give it back to him. ” And although he is aware of the difficult economic situation the club is going through, he is convinced that this will not affect the performance of the team: “We are at Barça. It is the best team in the world and we have to aspire to the maximum. We have a great team, with young players and experienced players and we will give everything for it

Pending conversation with Koeman

Èric Garcia revealed that “I haven’t talked to Koeman. Now I am focused on the Eurocup and when it is over we will talk about what we have to talk about. “And he also explained that he was very clear that his decision not to renew would take its toll on his end of the stage at Manchester City:” He knew the consequences and they were that I wouldn’t have many minutes. “

The center-back does not see the moment to join the Barça discipline. And in the Spanish team he is having an appetizer of what awaits him with Jordi Alba, Pedri and Busquets, of whom he was full of praise: “He is the captain of the team and the most experienced player in the national team. In terms of football, I don’t have to talk about him, because everyone knows how good he is.. We are very happy to have it. There is also Rodri, who is a great player so we are lucky to have two great players in that position. “

“Luis Enrique told me to be myself”

Èric García had to wait until the third game to make his debut in an official match. The center-back was very grateful to Luis Enrique for the opportunity: “The coach told me to be myself, to be calm. I am very pleased with the confidence he has given me and I tried to give it back to him. He is a great coach, he gives you the message he wants very well and we are very happy to have you. “

The entry of Èric García coincided with the first victory and the best match for Spain in the tournament: “I am very happy to have given the fans the victory. We knew we were doing things right. Against Sweden and Poland we also had a lot of chances, but in football you have to be lucky. “

The blaugrana avoided entering into the criticism that the team had received before the victory against Slovakia: “What is outside I do not control much. Here you go from one extreme to another in nothing, but we had a clear idea of ​​the game from the beginning and this is not going to change. “

Of course, he defended his partner Álvaro Morata who, together with Luis Enrique, has been the target of the most critical: “Morata is a great player and a great person. He has had many experiences like this and he has come out of all of them. Trust in him is one hundred percent. He’s a great player and he’s going to be very happy. “

“Against Croatia it will be a different game”

The Spanish international predicted a game against Croatia that was very different from those that Spain has settled in the group stage: “In these first three games we have found teams with very low withdrawals and who almost did not even want to go on the counterattack. Against Croatia it goes “It’s going to be a very different game. The quality of their players will make us spend moments without the ball. It’s also good to find a team of this level who wants to play face to face. It’s going to be an open game.”

Èric Garcia highlighted the level of the rival, but was convinced that Spain can be in the quarterfinals: “Croatia is runner-up in the world for something. They have an experienced team, with footballers who know each other a lot and with a very high technical level. In these games that are already final is when the great players come out and they have them. They have a very good midfield and it’s going to be a difficult game. We have to keep the idea of ​​these three games and if we are at our best level we have possibilities “

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