In his book The right to be free (ed. L’aube), which he wrote in the form of a dialogue with journalist Denis Lafay, Éric Dupond-Moretti confides his love for “beautiful French song”. No wonder when we know that the new Keeper of the Seals lives a passionate love with the Quebec singer Isabelle Boulay, whose life he has shared for several years. Moreover, among the titles in his repertoire, one in particular deeply moves the lawyer. It’s a cover of Serge Reggiani, If you pay me a glass, revisited by his beautiful. “Eric told me ‘cry’ to the voice she puts on ‘If you give me a drink’ “, writes Denis Lafay in his book, read with attention by our colleagues at Gala.

A sentence heavy with meaning

“The emotion exhaled by the singer’s voice even exceeds that which was thought to be reserved for the only timbre and the only experience of Serge Reggiani”, specifies the journalist. But why this title in particular arouses so much emotion in one whose phlegm seems unshakable? In one of the verses of the song, we can hear this phrase, which resonates particularly with the Minister of Justice:Never judge the good or the scoundrel. ” “A single passage would have been enough to understand what the song triggers in the body of Eric, in the body of the man and the lawyer Dupond-Moretti, in the body of the one that have in turn mutilated, repaired , feverish, intoxicated, restored, swollen, exalted, dismembered, so many struggles and so many pleadings “, adds the journalist. And to add: “Eric knows that he himself is good and scoundrel, he knows that every individual is both good and scoundrel”, like the people he defends every day in court.

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