Rumors are inherent in the NBA but when they involve a franchise as media as Los Angeles Lakers, they acquire a greater resonance. The loss of Rajon Rondo due to injury is a serious problem for the team led by Lebron James which is very lame in the low position. Alex Caruso and Quinn Cook They are not guarantee players who can give quality minutes and refresh the King in the organization and management of the team.

07/13/2020 12:07

Losing a player from the experience and versatility of the base can be a serious obstacle in the face of Lakers’ fight for the ring. We analyze how it will influence.

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Thus, the movements in the offices have been unleashed, as reported by the BleacherReport journalist Andy Bailey, which suggests the possibility that the Lakers are thrown with everything to a player of great renown in the league and who is very unhappy with his great rival for the ring: Milwaukee Bucks. He is Eric bledsoe, a man who started years ago with the star band, but who has not finished finding that role in the NBA. At 30 years old, he considers that he is undervalued in some Bucks in which he averages 27.2 minutes this season, with not inconsiderable numbers of 15.4 points, 5.4 attendance and 4.6 rebounds.

It seems far-fetched to think that Antetokounmpo’s men would let a player like him go, but the player seems to be working to change the air and win a more prominent role in the purple and gold ones. This is what emerges from the information collected by IBTimes, which suggests the possibility that Robert Pelinka, General Manager of the Lakers, would be willing to trade Danny Green, Alex Caruso and a first round of the Draft to do with the services of Bledsoe.

It is not the only option that shuffles Los Angeles Lakers to reinforce his squad in the base position. If you cannot carry out the ambitious move to sign Eric bledsoe, the incorporation of Mario Chalmers, 33-year-old player he knows well Lebron James from his time at the Miami Heat and who plays for AEK Athens, after spending a few months at Virtus Bologna. Double NBA champion (2012 and 2013), would provide defensive strength and complement the role of Alex Caruso as the main alternative to fill the vacant minutes of Rajon Rondo.