The Incredible Talent 2020 team has returned to service. While the filming of the first auditions was initially scheduled to take place at the end of August, the production was forced to postpone it, because a member of the jury was infected with the coronavirus. So on Saturday, September 12, Hélène Ségara, Éric Antoine, Marianne James, Sugar Sammy and presenter Karine Le Marchand met for new adventures. Our colleagues from the Parisian attended one of the shoots, the opportunity to reveal the identity of the juror who was ill.

Monday, September 14, one of the journalists of the Parisian went to the André-Malraux theater, in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), to discover some auditions of the new season of France has an incredible talent. True to himself, Eric Antoine was in a joking mood and did not hesitate to reveal that it was he who had the Covid-19. “There is one of us who had the Covid. I am not allowed to say it, but it is … me. But rest assured, I was asymptomatic. I just pooped soft “, launched the magician, humorist and host of 43 years in front of the 200 spectators present in the room. And, after clarifying that he was “immune”, he explained that he could still spit on people who wanted to have a work stoppage. The tone was set, Hélène Ségara therefore joked: “Do not worry. He already wanted to transmit the Covid to us and he did not succeed. Finally, he still contaminated the sound recorder.”

If Eric Antoine and the other members of the jury kindly amused themselves with the situation, it had consequences for the production. Freemantle France has indeed suffered great costs, as revealed to the sidekick of Hélène Ségara, Marianne James and Sugar Sammy: “Did you know that I had the most expensive Covid in France? Seriously, I have put 300 people out of work. And just for a OB van, the bill is 50,000 euros per day. In total, it cost 2 million euros to produce. ” A salty bill whose production would have gone well.