Eric Alejandro told everything about his time at EXATLON

Telemundo Eric Alejandro returns to Team Famosos de Exatlon USA.

If there is a story that has touched the soul of the entire audience of Exatlon United States in this installment, it was that of Eric “Showtime” Alejandro, who returned in the fifth season of the competition to once again achieve that glory that everyone dreams of. athletes who measure their strength in the fiercest competition on the planet.

During his passage through the fifth edition, Eric reminded us all why he was nicknamed “Showtime”, giving a true show of speed and aim every time he had to prove himself on a circuit. Which loved every fan of Team Famosos, who relived Eric’s glory days.

But as in Exatlon United States, the only constant is the unexpected, the performance of “Showtime” began to decline and with that we could see him much more vulnerable during the competition, which would have sparked rumors about his mental health, that he himself commissioned to dispel through a live session.

On May 30, the Famous were defeated in the duel for permanence, which led the fight to be painted red with a confrontation between Dave Sappelt, and Eric, and it was precisely there where the dream of “Showtime” ended and he had to definitively abandon the competition.

Eric Alejandro tells it all: How did EXATLON USA go?

As is customary among the eliminated participants, Eric did a live session through the Instagram profile of Exatlon United States, where he cleared up several doubts that had generated much expectation among the followers of the sports reality. Among what he revealed, he wanted to make it clear in the first place that in relation to his mental health, he is not depressed, but he is sad for not continuing in the competition.

He also assured that at times he felt very pressured because a knee injury that he already had began to fail him, and he considers that he is worse than ever, for this he had to slow down, and the pressure of a potential threat, week after week, It made him emotionally upset at times, but overall he claimed to be fine.

He said that he did not have any friction with his teammates, emphasizing that he and Dave Sappelt gave each other a big hug once their duel for the permanence ended, but that not everything that is seen in the program, is what happens. Over the course of the competition, there is so much more that the audience doesn’t see.

Among so many things that he spoke with total frankness, he also spoke of the feeling of frustration that Team Famosos felt particularly in that duel for the permanence in which he was eliminated, because anyone who loses, it would be a sadness for the team to lose one of their athletes. He was emphatic in ensuring that the Exatlon United States production should do a better job of showing what happens behind the scenes and said that everyone is very close and actually supports each other a lot.

He had the best words for Dave, he said that he is a “warrior with tremendous aim”, but he also assured that he was not at his best and said that once everyone left Exatlon, the United States is sure that everyone will meet again and pass it. very well together. Do not miss the video with everything he revealed here!



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