ERC takes advantage of Cuevillas’ replacement to pressure JxCat with the aim of facilitating the investiture of Aragonès

ERC reported this Wednesday that it wants to match the vote to replace Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas as second secretary of the Parliamentary Board with the full investiture of Pere Aragonès, who is still pending negotiations with JxCat. If the Junts supports the Republican presidential candidate so that he can be inaugurated, Esquerra will also support Aurora Madaula as a substitute for Cuevillas.

Thus, ERC pressures JxCat not to delay negotiations on the future Government, after having abstained in the two votes prior to Holy Week.

Roger Torrent himself, former president of the Parliament, in statements to Catalunya Ràdio, has warned Junts that ERC’s support for the replacement of Cuevillas is conditional on “a global agreement” that includes the training of the new Catalan executive.

Sources of JxCat, meanwhile, have indicated that “the most normal thing” would be not to wait to have the investiture tied to vote the replacement of Cuevillas, a position for which the formation nominates Madaula, who will have to compete with the deputy of En Comú Podem Lucas Ferro.

Both formations They have resumed negotiations this Wednesday, after the Easter break. Knowledgeable sources have explained that in the meeting, which lasted just over two hours, they have begun to address the program of the future Government, but no further details have been disclosed.

The PSC “prefers” Ferro

The PSC has advanced that it “prefers” to Ferro and has called on ERC to take advantage of the replacement of Cuevillas, who has formalized his resignation this Wednesday with a letter addressed to the Board, to distance himself from Junts.

“I question ERC because we have a few days to be able to establish at least one person in the Secretariat whose objective is to enforce the regulations, enforce the law, not have disobedience as a priority, try to make the Table work well, “said the PSC parliamentary spokesperson , Alícia Romero.

For his part, the spokesman for En Comú Podem in Parliament, David Cid, has indicated that “unfortunately” in Catalan politics “different speeches in public and private are common” and has assured that ERC rules out governing the Generalitat alone, despite having left this door open if its negotiations with JxCat fail.

Cuevillas he was one of the two JxCat representatives at the Table, along with the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, but his doubts about the strategy of disobedience have led his party to remove him from office.

His resignation does not endanger the pro-independence majority in the Table, since JxCat, ERC and the CUP They still have four of the seven seats, waiting for the plenary to choose the person to replace them.

Parliamentary sources have commented that the vacancy that Cuevillas leaves in the Table “does not affect” the functioning of the Catalan chamber, that it can also hold plenary sessions.

For its part, the spokesman for Citizens in Parliament, Nacho Martín Blanco, has asked that the consellers and the acting vice president report their management to the Catalan chamber every 15 days while the provisional situation lasts until the formation of the future Government.

Too the spokesman for the Vox parliamentary group, Juan Garriga, has demanded at the meeting of the Board of Spokesmen of the Parliament that the Government in office submit to the questions of the opposition “periodically” in control sessions in the Catalan chamber, as reported by the party in a statement.