Epigmenio Ibarra compares the “right” with the CIA; ensures that vaccination error in the IPN could be a “set up”

Through his Twitter account, Epigmenio Ibarra compared the right wing with the CIA after the error in the application of a vaccine at the National Polytechnic Institute of Zacatenco went viral.

He assured that the case in which only an older adult was punctured but without biological immunization could have been a “montage” of the right.

“The right wing, accustomed to doing ‘disgusting things’ as established by the CIA’s covert operations directive, could well have organized the false vaccination of a person and staged a montage; one more of those in which a ‘journalist’ and a television station have experience ”he wrote.

Ibarra’s statements come after the recording of a COVID-19 vaccine application to an elderly adult in Mexico City became viral on social networks, where only the needle of the syringe was applied, but not the liquid with the biological.