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Fortnite became a success thanks to its Battle Royale mode; However, at the beginning it was his Save the World modality that attracted countless players. That component debuted in early access, and since then Epic Games has released a lot of new content.

The developer assured a few years ago that Save the world would become free-to-play as soon as it left its early access stage. However, Epic Games has repeatedly postponed its free launch for the entire community.

If you expected that Save the world would go free-to-play this year, there is something important that you should know, as the company changed its plans for the future of the popular modality.

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Save the world from Fortnite will not become free-to-play

Through a statement, Epic Games stated that its goal with Save the World is to offer an ambitious RPG experience with a lot of content, which it has achieved little by little over the years.

The company revealed that Save the World has already left early access. However, it will not become free-to-play as originally planned. Also, there will be important adjustments in the development of your content.

“We made the decision that it will remain a premium experience and will not be played for free. We will reduce the development speed of the new content after this official launch ”, reported Epic Games.

The early access tag will soon be removed in all game modes. Another important detail is that Save the world will not be compatible with all future content purchases made in Battle Royale mode soon.

Epic prepares more content for Save the world from Fortnite

Save the world will also have structural changes thanks to a new feature called Adventure. This is a temporary excursion that will work seasonally, each with a progression system and new levels.

There will be challenges that will give season experience depending on the level of difficulty. « If they reach the highest levels of Adventure, they will unlock supercharging materials that will increase the number of items in their main collection beyond their current capacity, » the study detailed.

While this novelty arrives, the game will continue with seasonal events, such as mindless Christmas and Dungeons. There will be an exclusive rotation for Save the World, which will be different from the Battle Royale. Finally, Epic Games confirmed that, starting this Thursday, it will sell new Save the World packages. The first of them will be Leader of the metal team, which will cost $ 385 MXN.

Your purchase will give you access to a new heroine, the Bear Dad Weapon Scheme, the Retro Lasso Alert Backpack, Metal Team Leader challenges, and access to Save the World.

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Find more information related to the Battle Royale on this page.