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It will be more than a year since Epic Games Store was presented in the market as direct competition to Steam and the monopoly with reference to the distribution of digital games on PC and its market share of over 90%.

Despite the criticism, more and more updates have positioned the company’s intentions over possible failures left on the road.

Give away a totally free game every week, bet on quality titles, and recently offer the secret vault with games like Grand Theft Auto V To attract users, some of the effective strategies have been used.

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This is how the company now makes clear future plans for the Epic Games Store, ensuring that it is now working on the ssupport for platform mods. Thanks to this in the future users will have the opportunity to browse a catalog of mods that they can install directly from the launcher.

Last week, GTA V hit the online store for free as the first time the title was brought to PC with a promotion like that.

A study study carried out by PIT Chile, showed that on Thursday internet traffic in Chile shot up by 50%, something never seen before.

Since March 2019 Epic Games He had it listed as one of his medium-term plans. That said, the option is already under active development and significant progress has been made in recent weeks

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord