Epic Games gives away V-Bucks as part of a deal

Fortnite gives away V-Bucks by agreement | Epic games

Epic games is giving away V-Bucks to players who purchased a loot box in « Fortnite: Save The World, » after settling a 2019 class action lawsuit in which Epic Games for the use of loot boxes that were sold to minors, the company is now offering C-Bucks to those affected.

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The official account of Fortnite Twitter released an update on February 22.

« We are depositing 1,000 V-Bucks into the accounts of all players around the world who purchased a random Loot Llama item from STW before we stop offering them, » they tweeted. « No action required, if you purchased this item, you should see the V-Bucks in your account for the next few days. »

Those who bought a loot box at « Fortnite: Save the World » or « Rocket League » between a specific date they will be entitled to receive in-game currency in the form of V-Bucks or Credits, or real money.

The game currency will go directly to player accounts without the requirement to claim, but if players wish to submit a claim for real money, they will need to provide more details.

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Minors who bought a game item with their own money and without parental permission they can request a partial refund or in-game currency.