Epic Games calls on Europe to release Fortnite and sues Apple

The “war” between Epic Games and Apple is the cause of a head-on clash that occurred between the two about six months ago, and Fortnite was at the center of a controversy that, in the end, was not exclusive to the App Store, but what spread to the Google Play Store.

Let’s be honest, Epic Games did not do things well, in fact, shortly after knowing that they intended to go all out against Apple, we discovered that Tim Sweeney himself had asked Tim Cook for favorable treatment, and that they wanted open your own app store in the App Store without having to give anything in return. It was such an abusive request that it was ridiculous, and it is perfectly normal for Apple to ignore it.

Let’s put that request in context, if we took it to the physical world it would be as if Apple allowed Microsoft to sell its Surface product line within its Apple Stores, and without receiving any special compensation in return. Yes, it is absurd, but Epic Games thought it fair and necessary.

Speaking of just and necessary things, notice the irony in my expression, Epic Games has extended its legal fight against Apple, and has taken it to European territory by launching a direct request to the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission: Free Fortnite from Apple.

Epic Games talks about free competition and argues that Apple has created iOS, and the App Store, as a closed platform that only serves its own benefit. I believe that the thousands of developers who earn millionaire income through the App Store They could say a thing or two to Tim Sweeney’s company, but in the end you don’t need to make things so complicated.

At the time, Epic Games accepted a series of essential rules to enter the App Store. As a company, you have access to a secure platform that provides you with everything you need, and that allows you to reach hundreds of millions of users, and you have to pay, in return, a commission that you know in advance, and that will not change in based on the sales you make. It was simple, but Epic Games decided to break the rules and didn’t listen to reasons, so it’s normal for Apple to take action.

After Apple took these steps, Epic Games considered it all an injustice, victimized himself and began filing lawsuits, something to which Apple itself responded with a counterclaim. I am surprised that a company of the caliber of Epic Games does not understand that the rules are to comply with them, if you think they are not fair you can take the appropriate measures, but if you ask for a favorable treatment and stop complying with them because you are denied, You must be willing to accept the consequences.