epic dramas and a lot of suffering

Bring out your most sensitive side with this list of series available on the red platform.

Don’t let them tell you that cry it is a matter of weak people. Throw out those feelings that you carry inside, and that you have saved so long, and immerse yourself in the recommendations of series television, available in Netflix, which we are going to show you next. Grab your partner, cries alone or alone, enjoy authentic dramas, of those that break the soul, embrace love, even if it is unrequited, as we show you in the list of romantic series, and blow your nose.

The Curse of Hill House is a drama embedded in a horror series.

Despite the sorrows of love are the ones that cause us the most headaches, in addition to the occasional displeasure, you will also have the opportunity, if you give some of our recommendations the opportunity, to cry to mucus stretched out with teen dramas, loved ones who are thousands of miles away or situations of life or death.

Tissue package and Netflix is ​​the necessary combo with these series

Whether you think the life in the institute is not easy, as in For Thirteen Reasons, as if you want to check what level of stress have to endure some doctors, in the emotional Netflix series Lenox Hill, we have the perfect series what for let go of what you have inside.

Away The Curse of Bly Manor Believe me For thirteen reasons Displaced Lenox Hill The Curse of Hill House This is how they see us


We will begin this list of recommendations with a work that could be framed within the genre of the Science fiction, more specifically those that address the mysteries of outer space, where we will meet a space mission, which promises more than a moment of emotion and living tear, and a story starring Hillary swank, one of those actresses who seems to have faded from the international scene, but who gives us an extraordinary character, called Emma, ​​who must get away from loved ones on a distant mission to Mars.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Episodes available: 10Approximate duration: 50 minutes

The curse of Bly Manor

Created as one anthological series, with The Curse of Hill House as the first season, this time we will have to reveal the secret that enclose the walls of a gigantic residence on the England of the late twentieth century, when a young american, who has moved there trying to forget his dark past, decide to be the kangaroo of a couple of adorable children. The Emotions were on the surface, in addition to the odd one scareThey will be our travel companions.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Episodes available: 9Approximate duration: 60 minutes

Believe me

We continue this list of recommendations with a story that begins when a young report a violation at your own home. All indications indicate that the girl has lied shamelessly. However, and we are talking about a narrative based on real facts, a pair of police officers They will begin to see a pattern in other similar attacks, being able to see that, perhaps, the young woman was not lying, although we assure you that you will have to see until the last chapter to tie up all the ends.

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Episodes available: 8Approximate duration: 50 minutes

For thirteen reasons

The series that marked millions of viewers, both for the argument central, as in the way in which he approached such a sensitive and little discussed topic, such as the suicide, is another of our bets within the genre of tear drama. In its first season, we will follow Clay jensen, a teenager who discover the sound tapes that his friend, recently deceased, has left him and where he explains the reasons that led him to get out of the way, alluding to both students, teachers and their inner circle, in such a story heartbreaking as something exaggerated for the taste of the morbid viewers.

Year: 2017 Seasons: 4 Episodes available: 49 Approximate duration: 60 minutes


Under the baton, also starring in this heartbreaking story, of Cate blanchett, this drama focused on immigrants that reach Australian soil will teach us, in a crude way, how the lives of a escaped woman, a refugee without any fear inside, a official of the state and a family Guy with certain problems, all of them located in a detention center of the country of Oceania. Catch tissues, because you are going to need them.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Episodes available: 6Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill is a hospital from the Upper East Side and through the gaze of four his doctors we will discover both aspects related to your job, how to admire it is in the pandemic situation that we have had to live, as in its personal scope, where we will discover what each one of them takes home, both in experiences and in somewhat tricky matters. Cry It is not an option in this series, it is almost a mandate.

Year: 2016Seasons: 1Episodes available: 9Approximate duration: 50 minutes

The curse of Hill House

When we establish a strange union between a sibling group, which have been separating as the years progressed, and a old mansion interesting events such as this television series happen. In principle, we could be witnessing one of the horror series most interesting of Netflixbut as you dig a bit into its details and plot, you will discover how the drama takes over each of the scenes, showing personalities as different as minds that have been suffering years.

Year: 2018 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 10 Approximate duration: 60 minutes

This is how they see us

Finally, we bring you a story based on real facts, which tells us how a group of harlem teens, almost children, are involved in an investigation by homicide, simply because of his race and for being at the most inopportune moment at the precise moment. The american justice and the class system of the country will be tested in a case and trial that gave something to talk about at the time and that allows us to observe how, on rare occasions, it is easier point out the weak to investigate and pick up dirty laundry.

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Episodes available: 4Approximate duration: 70 minutes

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