Epic cancels Fortnite World Cup 2021 and other tournaments due to pandemic

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Fortnite has a strong competitive scene that offers attractive prizes to its best players every year. Epic Games decided to cancel the Fortnite World Cup and other Battle Royale events this year due to the pandemic, which has been a major blow to esports in general.

Unfortunately, the situation has not entirely improved and the events of early 2021 are in doubt. Epic Games knows that there is still a high risk to running face-to-face tournaments, so they revealed what their esports strategy will be for next year.

As is evident, the company will not leave the competitive Fortnite scene, but will once again renounce face-to-face competitions, including the Fortnite World Cup. Thus, the 2021 tournaments will take place online.

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Fortnite will not have face-to-face esports tournaments in 2021

Through a statement, Epic Games reported that their priority is the health and safety of both players and their staff. For this reason, he stated that he will not do any in-person events in 2021. This means that the Fortnite World Cup 2021 was canceled.

The company will analyze the situation and decide the best time to return to face-to-face competitions. Meanwhile, he will focus solely on organizing online tournaments as he has done for the past few months.

For now, it was confirmed that the Fortnite Champion Series will continue all of next year in a trios mode. This with the possibility that some competitions are carried out with different scoring formats.

The competitive series for Season 5 of Chapter 2 will run until February 4, as Epic Games wants players to adapt to the recent changes to the Battle Royale. On the other hand, the company will do other high-level tournaments, weekly competitions and cups with content creators.

“In competitive modes, the new bar system will reset player bars to 0 at the start of each game, and they cannot be transferred between competitive games. We continue to discuss ideas on how to implement this system in competitive modes without negatively affecting the gameplay, “explained Epic Games.

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